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The Surrey Suzuki Group provides young musicians with group lessons and the opportunity to play in frequent concerts.



  How does the Suzuki method work?

The Suzuki Method creates a partnership between the teacher, parent, and child, inspiring a fine musical ear, self-confidence, and a lifelong love of music. The "Suzuki Parent" attends all individual and group lessons. It will give you all the necessary tools to help your child with daily home practicing. No previous music or teaching experience is necessary.

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 What's It All About?

 The Suzuki Method gives children as young as 3 and 1/2 years old a great start in learning how to play the violin. children  learn by listening, imitating, and repeating sounds, just as we learn to talk.  It takes children through music learning from infancy to excellence in music performance.


Each student has weekly individual lessons with their teacher. The violin group also meet on Saturdays in term time at Holy Trinity School in Guildford where students of all grades play with their peers.


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