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dr. suzuki

 What is the Suzuki method?

The Suzuki Method of music education is based on the philosophy and teaching methods developed by the Japanese violinist, pedagogue, educator and humanitarian, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.

Dr. Suzuki believed in the great potential of music to enrich children’s lives. He developed a method of music education to enable children to play music to their highest possible level of ability. His method was derived from his observation of the ease and facility with which young children learn to speak their own language.

Why the Suzuki method?

“A person with a fine and pure heart will find happiness”

Dr Shinichi Suzuki‘s goal was not to create musicians. The fact that an increasing number of the world’s professional musicians started their study via the Suzuki method is a benefit of Suzuki’s approach, not an intention. The benefit of studying music, to Suzuki, was an increase in sensitivity and understanding that would lead to a better, more enriched life.

“Talent is no accident of birth”

Suzuki also believed that given proper training and the right learning environment, ALL children can acquire what most people call 'talent' but Suzuki preferred to call 'ability'. Being a violinist himself, Suzuki applied his educational theories to music. He began to teach the violin and eventually started 'The Talent Education Institute' in Japan.

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