What can I expect doing the Suzuki method?

What can I expect from Suzuki music lessons?

Every child has an individual lesson with his teacher (at the teacher's house) in term time. Unlike conventional music teaching, the parent is expected to be fully involved and participate in these lessons and in daily practice becomes the teacher-at-home.

In addition, there are weekly group lessons and music theory lessons held on Saturday morning.



What does it involve?

Students listen everyday to a CD of the music that they are learning. They practice daily with their parent (teacher-at-home), here are some tips to help with practising!  All Suzuki students learn the same repetoire of songs, starting with book 1. Students only move on the next piece when their teacher is satisfied. However, pieces are never put aside, but constantly revised, always striving to improve the performance.

Performance in front of an audience is encouraged right from the start, so that it becomes a natural and enjoyable experience. Everyone participates in the Saturday Coffee concerts, Christmas busking in Guildford highstreet and summer bandstand concert in Guildford Bandstand in the Castle grounds. We have have also regular involvement in the Godalming festival. 


But my child isn't musical and I can't play anything!

There are no auditions to take part.  Suzuki reasoned that all children learn their mother tongue and therefore all chidren have the ability to learn music. Every child, if taught correctly, is capable of a high level of achievement on a musical instrument. 

It doesn't matter that you can't play, the teacher will show you all you need to know! This could be as simple as spotting when your child's little finger is nice and bent!


What about exams?

Suzuki students don't sit exams or grades, but they may 'graduate' a book. A recording is made of the last piece in a book and sent to another teacher to review. The student then attends a graduation ceromony (held in centres through out the UK) for a special performance and presentation of certificates. 


What age can a child start?

Children can start playing from a very young age, starting formal lessons between 3 to 5 years, using smaller sized violins. They are taught to play by ear and only much later learn to read music. This mimics how children learn speech, copying from sound, but only later reading text.

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