Practice Tips

'I don't want to!'

Every parent of a child learning a musical instrument has encountered this familial cry. You know there is no other way to making progress other than good practice, they on the other hand, could find a dozen other things they would prefer to do...

What can you do?

  • Practice at the same time every day, such as straight after breakfast.
  • Use practice sheets to work towards targets and also show your teacher how much practice has been done
  • Keep practice fun, avoid streams of criticism, can you spot something they are doing well?
  • Change things, ask your child to teach you what to do (it's more difficult than you think!)
  • Put on a performance for the toys/granny/neighbour
  • Can she play walking around the room?
  • Keep up those group classes, they are a powerful motivator, children want to play together!
  • Here are some useful forms and words to Suzuki pieces


We can't find the time to practice!

Suzuki said only 'Only practice on the days you eat'. There is always time to eat.

But a short practice is better than no practice at all. Plus if you really can't play, then at least listen to the CD, every day, more than once if you can!

 keep practicing



How can I get my child to concentrate?

Keep the practice sessions fun!

  • Keep calm 
  • Transfer marbles from one jar to another, each time a good practice is performed with a treat when the jar is full
  • coloring charts
  • Bingo cards with different pieces from the whole repertoire known for random review
  • Keep a piece of carpet with an outline of footprints to keep the right foot position
  • If you don't know words to a piece, make them up, then sing them with the CD! The sillier the better...



Develop a beautiful heart!

Listen to other beautiful music, try to get to musical performances. Suzuki teaches a love of all things musical!


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